Data to Drive Success:
Advanced Reporting & Analytics for E-commerce

En SLI Systems, el análisis y los informes exhaustivos constituyen el núcleo de todo lo que hacemos. Proporcionamos detalladas métricas de actividad e ingresos para mejorar su sitio, lo que le permite entender mejor cómo puede crear una experiencia de compra extraordinaria para cada cliente.


Todos los datos, sin preocupaciones

The SLI Commerce Console™ gives you the tools you need to stay ahead of e-commerce trends.

    • Sumérjase en las profundidades
      With our analytics for ecommerce, we give you more than 100 metrics to see your e-commerce business from every view.
    • Así de fácil
      An easy-to-use, drag-and-drop e-commerce tracking interface lets you create your own custom reports.
    • Vista en tiempo real
      Vea lo que están buscando los visitantes en este mismo momento a través de SLI Live.

Drive and Prove ROI

The SLI Commerce Console arms you with an at-a-glance view and detailed reports to monitor customer behavior and e-commerce performance.

“I love the quick-and-easy flow of seeing what is going on with the website at a glance. The SLI Dashboard gives me a snapshot of top searches, page views, clicks and other metrics so that I can make merchandising adjustments based on our shoppers’ actual path to purchase.”
– Johnathan Karch, Vice President of Marketing, 3Rivers Archery