Rich Auto Complete™

Speed the Path to Purchase

Capte a sus clientes mostrándoles los nombres, las categorías y las imágenes de productos más relevantes apenas empiezan a escribir en el cuadro de búsqueda, y reduzca la cantidad de clics que hacen desde la búsqueda hasta la compra.

"SLI nos permite ofrecer una experiencia de búsqueda superior".
– Roy Bingham, vicepresidente principal, Renew Life

Deliver an Extraordinary Buying Experience

SLI Rich Auto Complete™ continuously evolves to give customers the most relevant suggestions via fast, visual and dynamic auto complete results.

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Opción "Autocompletar" completamente mejorada

SLI Rich Auto Complete™ is so intuitive your shoppers will think you’re a mind reader.

Shows Categories for Search Suggestions

Help users better define their searches by displaying category, brand or department level options.

Displays Interactive and Relevant Content

Keep customers engaged. Refine their searches dynamically with a preview of product suggestions.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Perform when it matters most. Delight mobile and tablet shoppers with a tailored experience designed just for them.

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